# Шаблон Joomla GK myStore Dark v2.0.11 update

Шаблон Joomla GK myStore Dark v2.0.11 update

Шаблон Joomla GK myStore Dark v2.0.11 update

You can now choose between the original lite version and the new dark theme of GavickPro myStore ecommerce template.
Keeping the same original color variations (red — blue and green), all template style was rebuilt to offer a more daring presentation to your store.
So, depending of your products, dark theme can enhance even more an aggressive but positive presentation of your website.

We hope this variation can be of your satisfaction and can contribute further more the huge versatility of this amazing ecommerce joomla!1.5 template.

Important! VirtueMart and JComments Theme files can be found inside of gk_mystore_rest_files_J!15.zip package. So remember to download also this file, if you want to use dark theme.



- new version of T3 framework
- fixed problem with non-existing files error.php and offline.php in templateDetails.xml
- added option «None» for logo type
- fixed problem: http://www.gavick.com/forum/90-mystore/59576-aligning-the-qprint-pdf-and-emailq-buttons.html#59591
- fixed problem: http://www.gavick.com/forum/90-mystore/57015-list-number-show-only-number-one.html#57074
- fixed problem with gk.script.js on VM pages
- changed direction of login/register popups
- in the Quickstart: update to VM 1.1.5

Removed files:
- libs/menu/css.class.php
- libs/menu/moo.class.php
- js/menu/moo.js
- js/menu/css.js
- css/menu/css.css
- css/menu/moo.css

Changed files:
- templateDetails.xml
- js/gk.script.js
- js/menu/mega.js
- js/menu/dropline.js
- js/menu/split.js
- css/template.css
- css/gk_stuff.css
- css/layout.css
- css/joomla.css
- css/css3.css
- css/vm/vm_major.css
- libs/gk.template.helper.php
- layouts/default.php
- layouts/blocks/cufon.php
- layouts/blocks/definitions.php
- layouts/blocks/head.php
- layouts/blocks/left.php
- layouts/blocks/main.php
- layouts/blocks/mainnav.php
- layouts/blocks/right.php
- options/script.js

Added files / directories:
- less/
- less/index.html
- libs/lessc.inc.php
- css/override.css



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