ActiveDen — AS3 XML Site Template with Swap Transition — Rip

AS3 XML Site Template

AS3 XML Site Template

ActiveDen — AS3 XML Site Template with Swap Transition — Rip

The AS3 XML Site Template with Swap Transition is a fully XML driven, modular independent site template, which is built with Flash CS3 and flash player 9 tageted. You can customize it to a personal portfolio or showcase gallery via xml with a simple text editor.

Features include
* Modular independent: include slideshow, news, grid gallery, reel, about, and contact etc.
* Each modular is driven by XML content, with optional XML path except the contact.
* Driven by pure AS3 document class.
* SEO friendly with deeplink support, which is driven by SWFAddress, please remove the frame on the top to see it.
* Full debug with IO error handler.
* Optional social link like Twitter, FaceBook, Flickr, Linkedin and so on.
* Each modular is well self-componented, so you can load it to another swf.
* Sequence loading, the thumbnails and images will be loaded one by one.
* Optional gallery description with HTML support.
* Optional image/thumbnail and video size.
* Images support many file type: jpg, png, gif and basic swf animation.
* Optional link style: _blank, _self or _parent.



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