& ActiveDen — AS3 Xml Video Player — Rip

ActiveDen - AS3 Xml Video Player - Rip

ActiveDen — AS3 Xml Video Player — Rip

Fully customizable AS3 XML Video Player with gallery playlist. Skin the entire interface in the xml. Dynamically set your videos to any size width and height. Plays any flv encoded video format including H.264

* Completely skinnable interface via the xml
* Dynamically set your video height and width
* Supports flv formats including H.264
* Unlimited thumbnail scroll playlist
* HTML formatted description text, change font color, size, add url links, add display special characters
* Fullscreen video mode
* Comes with both the White and Black skins seen in the preview, but you can customize the colors to anything you want

Sample XML

scrubColor = «0x0099cc»
loadedColor = «0xcccccc»
trackColor = «0xffffff»
voltrackColor = «0xcccccc»
barColor = «0xffffff»
scrollColor = «0xcccccc»
scrollfacestrokeColor = «0xcccccc»
scrolltrackstrokeColor = «0xcccccc»
scrolltrackColor = «0xffffff»
buttonColor = «0×000000″
moreBtnColor = «0x0099cc»
timeColor = «0×444444″
videoBgd = «0xffffff»
descBgd = «0xffffff»
thumbBgd = «0xffffff»
thumbGradient1 = «0xffffff»
thumbGradient2 = «0xffffff»

Font used
1. pf_tempesta_seven condensed – download it for free from www.dafont.com and install on your computer

Demo: http://activeden.net/item/as3-xml-video-player/full_screen_preview/145273

DOWN http://turbobit.net/4rq9rgwa1n54.html

Установка дверных замков в Москве

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