ActiveDen Interactive Map with dynamic landmarks using XML

ActiveDen Interactive Map

ActiveDen Interactive Map

ActiveDen Interactive Map with dynamic landmarks using XML

This is an application that loads map and its location data through xml file. The map on background can be an image (JPG, GIF , and PNG ) or SWF file. The landmark graphics (location buttons) and data are loaded from external image and xml data. However, it is possible to create and use your own landmark buttons inside flash if preferred. The zoom and mouse drag features allows you to show any size of map.Features:
The main map can be loaded dynamically using xml or created inside the flash itself. Supports loading JPG , GIF, PNG and SWF files.
* Landmarks can be dynamically populated and set X,Y position through xml.
* Landmark graphics can be loaded as external image (or you can use your own graphics created through FLA . Both are possible).
* Landmarks can have links with target window through xml.
* Each Landmark can be set Not to Scale or Scale so that it can be either allowed to scale along with map (while zooming) or always stay with fixed size.
* Dynamically enable/disable shadow option for landmarks.

Popup box:

* Popup box appears on mouse over the landmarks.
* Popup box can show Image, Title and description for each landmark in popup window. Image and text can align automatically as per its size.
* Option to show the popup window in fixed position or follow the mouse cursor.
* Options to set popup window width and color.
* The popup box data can be added through xml even for the landmarks that created inside flash.

Zoom – Drag options:
* Initial zoom level and position of the map can be adjusted through xml.
* Zoom buttons can be enabled / disabled through xml.
* Zoom buttons can be aligned and positioned through xml parameters.
* Keyboard shortcuts for zoom in and zoom out using ” + ” and ” – ” key. Move the map using UP, DOWN , LEFT and RIGHT arrow key. Reset the map using SPACEBAR key.
* The button colors also can be adjusted through xml.
* Option to enable/disable zoom slider. On first frame in map.fla, just set the variable view_slider = true to display the zoom slider

The locationFinder is also attached with source file, using this you can easily find out the x and y position of the landmarks.



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