ActiveDen — Lite Photo Gallery (Dark & Light) — Rip

ActiveDen - Lite Photo Gallery

ActiveDen - Lite Photo Gallery

ActiveDen — Lite Photo Gallery (Dark & Light) — Rip

Welcome to Lite Photo Gallery !
Despite it’s small size ( under 15 Kb ! ), this is a robust and highly configurable photo gallery.
You don’t need to know flash at all tocustomize this component youwant. All is configurable througha XML file.

- XML driven content
- flashvars to locate the path to the XML
- unlimites photo categories
- unlimites photos in each category
- 3 optional modules: contact, description and ambiental music
- full image view ( with auto proportinaly rescaling)
- navigation buttons ( with optional thumbnail preview )
- download picture ( optional )
- HTML formatting colors for image description ( or default simple format )
- OOP code and full documentation
- help file

Almost everything can be changed and customized with this component.
- colors: every graphical element and text element can have it’s color changed through the XML file
- glow effect : it is optional through the XML file
- gallery’s title animation is optional
- contact module, gallery description module & music button are OPTIONAL
- thumbnail preview is optional ( you can have simple buttons or buttons with image preview )
- in full view the title or description or download button are optional


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