phpFox v2 Elegant Template

phpFox v2 Elegant Template

phpFox v2 Elegant Template

phpFox v2 Elegant Template

To Install:
1. Extract the package and upload all contents(files/folders) inside the «upload» folder.
2. Login to your admin panel and go to «Extensions» >> «Themes» >> «Import Themes» >> TTI-Elegant >> Install
3. Upload your images (banner1.jpg, banner2.jpg, banner3.jpg, banner4.jpg) to:
- static\image\ttibanners\elegant\
Available colors:
- darkblue
- bluelight
- darkred
- redlight
- darkgreen
- lightgreen
- darkorange
- orangelight
- darkpurple
- purplelight
- darksky
- skylight

Support: In this thread only

You MAY:
- use/modify for your personal or commercial phpfox powered web site
- use/modify on your paid projects for your client web sites.

- use on another script/mod/plugin library type site and similar alike, for others to download without our permission ( you are only allowed to link in this forum, but not directly on the package file )
- distribute in any means, without our knowledge.
- MODIFY this product and distribute as FREE or as ANOTHER PAID PRODUCT

- All FREE downloads have no guarantees and are provided as is.
- We will not be responsible/accountable for data loss, damages, profit loss in your website/server/computer and/or in your business.


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